Champagne Tony and Chi-Chi Aren’t Back, But …

I’m really enjoying the PGA tour these days. I miss the mastery of Tiger, but some characters are starting to appear as players move into the vacuum.

Who can’t enjoy seeing a guy like Bubba Watson win? His homemade pass at the ball breaks all the rules of a golf swing, and the emotion he shows after a win reminds us all why we play.

And what about Tommy Gainey? He’s been knocking on the door with that two-gloved snake-killing attack, and I’m expecting him to put all four rounds together any week.

We’d all laugh at both these guys’ swings if we looked out of the grill and saw them on the tee. That is, we’d laugh if we couldn’t see where the ball went. If we saw where it went, we’d take our hamburger out to the course to see if they could do it again. Let’s hope they do.

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