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Take It Back To Where?

In between pepper-spraying sidewalk campers on Black Friday and buying unbelievably cheap golf clubs from Chinese websites on cyber Monday, I took a break and watched a little golf. All that was on at the time was a rerun of … Continue reading

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A Lot To Be Thankful For

My golf game has finally received the notoriety it deserves! I live in the country, and it’s dead quiet outside on this Thanksgiving morning. When I look out my window, all I see are a few deer, a bunch of … Continue reading

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Can I Yell “Fore” In A Crowded Theater?

During today’s sermon, my pastor took a detour into a discussion of the only part of golf in which he claims expertise. He admits to excellence at yelling fore, because he’s never hit the ball where he intended. He’s also … Continue reading

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The Road To Utopia

As promised in my last post, I headed out to Utopia for a round of golf. It’s a pleasant drive through nice scenery, and it prepares you for a relaxing day. David L. Cook, the author of Golf’s Sacred Journey, … Continue reading

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Swinging Again

A few posts ago, I promised to stay away from the course for a while and wait for my game to heal. Well, I didn’t touch a club for two whole weeks. That wouldn’t have been a long time for … Continue reading

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Out Of Bounds Or In The Trees: Take Your Pick.

I was watching how players got into and out of trouble at the Australian Open, and began wondering what makes a good golf hole. Is it a hole where a mistake leads to certain loss of a stroke, or is … Continue reading

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How To Really Roll that Putt

I was feeding my two primary addictions a few days ago by looking at golf books. I stumbled upon The Golf Club, a book by Jeffery B. Ellis. According to the cover notes, Ellis is a champion amateur golfer, runs … Continue reading

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