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Process, Outcome, and Tiger Woods

It’s a truism that we play our best golf when we stay in the moment, don’t get ahead of ourselves, and focus on the process of play rather than the outcome. If we stay focused on the shot at hand … Continue reading

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You’re How Old? And Your Handicap Is What?

When I was younger I usually played golf with guys very close to my own age. I played with coworkers or people I went to school with 99% of the time, and they were seldom more than 10 years older … Continue reading

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Is It Easy Or Hard To Have Fun?

I didn’t break 80 until I was 54 years old. I know how old I was because I saved the card. I’d been playing golf on and off for around 40 years, so my first score in the 70’s was … Continue reading

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Can I Fire Myself?

One of those McGladrey commercials has Davis Love III’s bad caddy telling him all the bad things that could happen on a putt, pointing out that his opponent just eagled, and then walking away wishing Davis luck. Davis just stares … Continue reading

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How The Lizard Got His Name

Once upon a time there was a group of five merry golfers. Games of skins and wolf under the bright Texas sun filled their hearts with joy, and cries that cannot be repeated in polite company echoed across the rough … Continue reading

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A Trip Back To 1976 Greensboro

One Sunday in the spring of 1976 my wife, myself, and a fellow intern headed from Durham to Greensboro to take in the final round of the Greater Greensboro Open. As most of you probably know, the GGO went on … Continue reading

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The Links of the Hill Country

In the September issue of Golf Digest, Nick Price has an article about playing from tight lies. It’s a very timely reminder for me. We’re in the midst of a record setting drought. Our fairways are hard and fast, and the lies … Continue reading

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How Hard Should It Be?

Phil Mickelson attracted attention saying that the course redesign at the Atlanta Athletic Club created a course that was good for the tournament but bad for the members. He particularly thought the course was too long for the average golfer. … Continue reading

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The Sand Crab Goes Long

It was a scorcher, and after a quick round in the slightly cool of the morning I wandered into the grill for an early lunch. I figured I was safe from the Sand Crab before noon, but I heard his … Continue reading

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I Think, Therefore I Can’t Putt

Watching the WGC Bridgestone Invitational, you get the impression that the secrets to good putting are (1) don’t think, and (2) use a long putter. It’s pretty hard to not notice that Adam Scott uses a sweeper and Keegan Bradley, … Continue reading

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