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Throw Like A Pro With Grip Grease!

You’ve got that quacker into the trees down pat. You can banana with the best. But what separates your game from the pros? What keeps you on the munis while the big sticks get invited to play the exclusive clubs … Continue reading

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The Sand Crab Speaks The Truth

I came out of my funk with a start when I heard that rasping laugh. I’d been staring out the window too long and lost track of time. Now I had to pay for getting lost in my own black … Continue reading

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When Stupid Is Smart

I generally try to play a hole in the way that makes the most sense to my game. I’m more likely to lay up than try the heroic shot because the long run pay-off is higher for me, even if … Continue reading

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So That’s Why They Do That

There’s an old Andy Griffith routine from way back before his Mayberry and Matlock days. In Football he describes the experience of a hillbilly watching his first football game, trying to figure out the rules and the object of the game … Continue reading

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Young And Old Tom Ride Again?

There’s a scene in Tommy’s Honor where Old Tom Morris is asked “What have you brought this laddie here for?” The question from Willie Park, the reigning Open champion, is in reference to Young Tom Morris. Young Tom showed Park why he … Continue reading

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A Golfer Looks At 60

Jimmy Buffet leads off the B side of his 1974 album A1A with A Pirate Looks At 40. The song is the musings of a lover of the sea, looking back on the years so far. (Buffet is past 40 … Continue reading

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Two New Golf Movies

After a July 4th week of ignoring everything that looked like work, I sat down yesterday with my new Golf Digest. I scanned the usual columns and then noticed a two page spread on a new movie that’s has been … Continue reading

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