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Patience in golf really does pay

A few years ago I described a hole at my home course that I played contrary to my typical style. (Reprinted here.) I used a “hit it and hope” approach because there didn’t seem to be any smart strategy, at … Continue reading

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Farewell to Belly Putting

I’ve been considering getting back to active blogging and the golf rules changes, particularly the anchored putting ban, gave me the push I needed. Several years ago I published a ditty on anchored putting on the anniversary of Dr. Seuss’s … Continue reading

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Anchored Putting in Old Scotland

Tired of listening to today’s debate about anchoring, I had Sherman set the wayback machine to the mid 1400’s, just before James II banned “golfe.” If anyone could shed light on the true spirit of the game and the anchored … Continue reading

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Old Tom Marbles

One of the Golf Now commercials featuring the Old Tom Morris character has Old Tom bragging about how many golf course choices he had. He proudly says he had 4 courses to choose from and they were “All within a … Continue reading

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Now That’s a Local Rule!

A guy I hadn’t seen for years was passing through town yesterday, and I made that pre-dawn drive we all love to get in a round of golf with him. As I drove across town ahead of the morning rush … Continue reading

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Fat Stoney Says…A Penguin?

I’m sure all of you who spend much time watching the Golf Channel have seen those commercials for auto insurance from The General as many times as I have. I have a question for all you discriminating consumers of Madison … Continue reading

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Peter Alliss and The Dodgy Oyster

For those of you who missed the Peter Alliss interview on Feherty last night, try to catch it on a rerun. It’s worth your time. I also really enjoyed the visits Alliss payed to the ESPN booth during the Open Championship. … Continue reading

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A New Thing To Worry About In Golf

While watching the Crowne Plaza Invitational today I learned a new thing to worry about. Jason Dufner and Zach Johnson were playing the 11th hole, and the announcers started talking about the grain of the fairway grass and needing to … Continue reading

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Belting one down the fairway

A recent post over at The Armchair Golfer about the Hickok Belt reminded me of something I’ve wondered about. Can a belt help your golf game? I’ve always thought a belt didn’t do a lot more than hold up my pants, but I … Continue reading

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Best Bloomin’ Typo Award

I don’t know if it’s just in my paper (San Antonio Express-News) or if it’s in a lot of papers, but the AP story about Rickie Fowler’s win at the Wells Fargo Championship had a great typo. The story quoted … Continue reading

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