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Concerto For Pitching Wedge And Bassoon

My major extracurricular activities in high school and college were band and orchestra. I was a fast, but gangly, receiver and would have been seriously broken when hit by the football players at my large Texas high school. (Think Friday … Continue reading

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Tee It Waaayyy Forward

I was making my semi-regular tour of the golf sections of my local book stores and found two interesting books. The first was a copy of Jimmy Roberts’ Breaking the Slump. It should make for interesting reading and might even be … Continue reading

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Pull That Cart With Pride!

I was eating breakfast and idly watching Morning Drive on the Golf Channel this morning when the subject of pull carts came up. It was the friendly banter before the break, but the theme of the comments was that they’d run … Continue reading

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What A Stupid I Am

You golf historians out there will recognize the title of this post as the famous words of Roberto DeVicenzo. To refresh everyone’s memory, DeVicenzo said this after signing an incorrect scorecard that cost him a spot in a playoff with Bob … Continue reading

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How To Make Golf More Popular

There’s been a lot of concern expressed recently about a drop in golf’s popularity. Apparently golf is too difficult and takes too long to play, so 12 hole rounds on courses with larger cups and shorter holes will bring ’em … Continue reading

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Channel Your Inner Fozzie Bear

Sam the Eagle acted as the moral guardian of The Muppet Show. He routinely expressed outrage and offense at bad jokes and behavior he thought beneath the dignity of the show’s high (at least to him) standards. The other characters on … Continue reading

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Anchors Away?

I think I’ve noticed a subtle shift in the way the long putter debate is being framed. When the recent run of long putter wins began, including Adam Scott winning with the sweeper and Keegan Bradley winning with the belly … Continue reading

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The Sisyphus Blues

Like most players, my game goes through cycles. I find some things that work and I use them until they quit working. I keep tinkering even when I’m playing well, and eventually the house of cards comes tumbling down and … Continue reading

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Can You Explain This?

What you see above is the last 125 or so yards of the 13th hole at my home course. It’s a well-designed risk-reward par 5. It’s reachable in two but wayward second shots often find the bunker at right, the … Continue reading

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