175 Yards, Huh!

First, congratulations to Ben Curtis for the win at the Valero Texas Open. It’s always nice to see a win that means so much to a player, especially when the golfer seems to be an all-around decent guy. So nice going, Ben.

But I was also happy to see John Huh come in second. It’s fun to watch him play, and he seems to have fun no matter what the situation on the course is. Maybe he’ll tighten up as he undergoes the stress of competition over and over, but I hope not.

Not long after Huh came out of Q-School onto the tour, my group of golf buddies adopted him as an honorary member in absentia. His name played a crucial role in all of our matches long before we knew about him, and we were delighted to welcome him to our little crew of crazies.

When we come to a par 3 hole, one of us always checks the yardage by laser, GPS, or whatever is available and announces it to the rest of the group. When we started doing this there was always someone who wasn’t paying attention and would say “Huh?”

In the interest of speedy play, we eliminated the wait for “Huh?” Now, whoever announces the yardage incorporates the “Huh?”, so you hear something like “175 yards, Huh!” from the guy who’s checked the yardage. It sounds a little like a call on the military parade grounds and sometimes confuses a newbie in our group, but it’s cut down on the requests for a repeat of the distance measurement.

So thank you, John Huh. Your name will be heard at our par 3s for the foreseeable future.


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