Pecan Valley News

As a lot of folks are aware, historic Pecan Valley Golf Club has been closed for several months. The ownership has been working to change the zoning so as to accommodate multifamily housing for wounded warriors and a 9 hole golf course designed for handicap accessibility.

The rezoning has recently passed city council, so it looks like Pecan Valley in its present form will fade into history. A news story covering the rezoning may be found here.

As a golfer, I’m sorry to see Pecan Valley go. But I have come to know some of the people with Foresight Golf (the current owners of Pecan Valley) through my patronage of Pecan Valley and other Foresight courses. My impression is that they would have expended every effort to make Pecan Valley profitable.

Pecan Valley had changed hands several times as different ownership groups tried and failed to make it work. San Antonio is a major military medicine city and the course is well located for easy access to military medicine centers, so the plans make sense.

I’ll miss Pecan Valley, but it may provide a truly special place for wounded warriors in its new incarnation. It’s a beautiful property.

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