Thank You, Mr. Harrington

Padraig Harrington was being interviewed after a nice 65 in the third round of the Traveler’s Championship last Saturday. He’d played a pretty smart round, as you might guess with a score of 65, but he’d gone for a sucker pin on one hole and ended up making bogey. The interview about this hole went (approximately) as follows:

Padraig Harrington Winner

Padraig Harrington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interviewer: “That’s the great thing about golf. We’re learning something every time we play.”

Harrington: “Oh, I’ll make that mistake again.”

I’ve always liked Harrington’s attitude. He seems to have a good time out on the course and that wide-eyed grin when he’s playing well is infectious. And now he’s given me permission to keep being the stupid golfer I am! I know that I keep making the same mistakes over and over, but if a major champion admits to the flaw, then woo-hoo! Who am I to argue with that?


The only problem is that I’ll keep hitting that tree on number eight. But I’ll feel better about it.


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