Peter Alliss and The Dodgy Oyster

For those of you who missed the Peter Alliss interview on Feherty last night, try to catch it on a rerun. It’s worth your time.

I also really enjoyed the visits Alliss payed to the ESPN booth during the Open Championship. As usual, he said a few things that were both entertaining and perceptive. A few of my favorites:

While discussing his opinion of the folly of golfers predicting what they need to do in a round or how they plan to play: You have no idea how you’ll play. You don’t know what will happen, what the weather will be, how you’ll feel. You may be on top of your game, you might not be. You may not feel good. You may have had a dodgy oyster the night before.

Regarding the golf swing: People make it too complicated. You just need a firm foundation, stay stable and keep your head relatively still, and hit the ball with the club face. (My comment: On the other hand, I think we can all agree that’s hard enough without any additional complication.)

Regarding par: Do away with it. Everyone should just play, and the person with the fewest strokes wins.

And my favorite, regarding the entourage pros have today: Everyone has all these coaches and assistants. They even have diet managers and nutritionists. All I (Alliss) had was a wife, a granny, and a bicycle. (My comment: I guess the bicycle was his exercise equipment?)

Anyway, catch the Feherty interview. It’s worth it just to hear that voice and accent for a full hour.


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