Back To Work

After a long time of wandering in the wilderness, I’m getting back to regular posting. My internet problems have been solved (knock on wood) by the belated arrival of a decent wireless signal at my property, and I’m far enough along on several other projects to the point that I have a little time to breathe. I’ve revised my “About” page to reflect my return.

We don’t live all that far out in the sticks, but our property is just far enough out that the city tends to overlook us. The only TV we have is satellite, there is no fiber optic cable out here, etc. On the other hand, we’re close enough to the city that the rural providers figure the city is taking care of us. If you go just a few miles farther out of town, you’ll have DSL, cable, etc., and until recently you had a better wireless signal. Go a few miles closer to the city, and you get all the big city options.

It’s always been my fate to be on the dividing line. Not a jock, but more athletic than my nerdy friends. (It came in handy when I shot pool with the football team crowd, because my jock friends would protect me when I irritated someone by winning at 9 ball, but that’s another story.) I know just enough about a lot of things to be brave enough to try them and screw them up. Now the 4GLTE signal runs right down the middle of our property. You can get it on one side, but not the other. Luckily, the house is on the side that gets it.

I hope no one turns the wrong screw on the cell tower.

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