Old Tom Marbles

One of the Golf Now commercials featuring the Old Tom Morris character has Old Tom bragging about how many golf course choices he had. He proudly says he had 4 courses to choose from and they were “All within a horse ride of my wee something something.” It sounds like he says “stone dungeon”, but that’s obviously not right.

Does anyone have any idea what he says the wee thing is that is within a horse ride of 4 courses? I suppose it’s Old Tom’s house, but what is he saying?

I like the Old Tom character despite the marbles in his mouth, but I wish they’d tone it down just a bit. Having him pay his bar tab with a chicken and using a sheep as a caddie verges on jumping the shark.

Old Tom may have lived in the 1800’s, but the last time I checked they had money and human caddies back then. I doubt Tom’s 50 pounds a year salary at St. Andrews was 50 pounds of chicken, and Tom himself was a caddie and a caddie master at various times in his life.

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