My name is Charles Prokop. I’m a retired clinical psychologist and university professor living on the southern fringe of the Texas Hill Country. These days I spend most of my time messing around taking care of the property my wife and I live on, tending to the feral cats that wander up, reading a lot, and playing golf. I also write a weekly golf column for the local papers.

This blog chronicles my random thoughts about golf and how it fits into my life. I play a lot these days and typically carry a handicap between 7 and 10, depending on the time of year and frequency of play. I play at a variety of courses in the greater San Antonio area, but my home course is the Flying L in Bandera, TX. I’ll talk about golf as a part of my life much more than golf on the PGA tour. There are plenty of other good sites devoted to golf news and reporting.

I can be contacted at chrlsprkp[at]gmail[dot]com. (Write the address the normal way, with @ and . in place of the text in the brackets. I’m just reducing the risk of robot scan junk mail.)

2 Responses to About

  1. Ben says:

    Oh, a psychologists! Looking forward to your posts :]

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