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Going Left Hand Low

I’m very slow to make big changes in my golf game. My basic operating principle is that I’m having trouble because I’m not executing properly, not because I need to try to learn another way to play. But after years … Continue reading

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Anchored Putting in Old Scotland

Tired of listening to today’s debate about anchoring, I had Sherman set the wayback machine to the mid 1400’s, just before James II banned “golfe.” If anyone could shed light on the true spirit of the game and the anchored … Continue reading

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Putting Science Vs. Art: The Pelz and Stockton Debates

Dave Stockton’s book Unconscious Putting got me to thinking about the art vs. the science of putting. I’ve always liked Dave Pelz and his Putting Bible, and it’s a real “putting as a science” book. This shouldn’t be any surprise, because Pelz … Continue reading

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Painting A Better Golf Swing

I’ve been a fan of Guy Clark ever since I cut my night biology lab and went to a Jerry Jeff Walker concert. Clark wasn’t supposed to be on the bill, but the other opening act got sick and he … Continue reading

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Tight Lies And Thin Shots: Part 2

I mentioned several months ago that we’ve been experiencing a drought and tight lies have become the norm. I get a lot of search hits that suggest other people are dealing with similar problems, either because of dry conditions or … Continue reading

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I Took A Little Off It

My 20 year old cat nailed me to my recliner last night and I’d finished the Sunday crossword, so I was stuck searching for something on the tube that would keep me moderately entertained. I’d had enough football so I … Continue reading

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