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Three Golf Quests

Most of us have set goals for our golf games, but some folks have gone at those goals with a vengeance and then written a book about it. I’ve read three of these over the past few years, and the … Continue reading

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Golf Is A Game Of Redemption

Golf stories are often about the game’s redeeming qualities, about how the game brought someone back from the brink, restoring faith in self and others. Maybe it’s because golf is a constant struggle to get back on track. Each tee … Continue reading

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Reasons To Like Golf?

I got to the end of The Game Before The GameĀ a few days ago. It’s a book by Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson about golf practice strategies, and it ends by claiming that knowing what you love about golf is … Continue reading

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The Sand Crab Speaks The Truth

I came out of my funk with a start when I heard that rasping laugh. I’d been staring out the window too long and lost track of time. Now I had to pay for getting lost in my own black … Continue reading

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If The Pros And I Both Have Trouble, Am I A Pro?

Yesterday I played in my usual Monday game. It’s a stableford format tournament with a group called the Good Old Boys, full of guys ranging in age from their 50’s into their 90’s (no joke). Everybody competes against their previously … Continue reading

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Prairie Dogs at Dusk

When I was in grad school at Texas Tech in the ’70s, the little golf I managed to squeeze into my schedule was in the late afternoons and evenings. If I had a chance to get away early enough, I’d … Continue reading

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Ball and Stick Games

What is it about ball and stick games that inspire writing? Baseball seems to stimulate the most writing, but golf comes in second. (At least it does based on my highly unscientific research in new and used bookstores). Other than … Continue reading

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