Should I use the moccasin or the rattler on this shot?

I was watching the Golf Channel and looking forward to the Masters when that commercial for the new Adams fairway woods came on. You know, the one advertising the clubs with the spring-like effect with Tom Watson and Ryan Moore as spokesmen.

The clubs sound like a great idea, but as a player who trusts my 3 wood about as much as I trust a water moccasin in my bag, I might reword what Ryan Moore says.

Moore ends his testimonial by saying something like “once you hit this club you’ll never want to hit another fairway wood.” I’ve hit a lot of fairway woods that made me feel like I never wanted to hit another one. In fact, I went for years hitting a 3 iron instead.

I somehow don’t think that’s how they mean it.

I have finally learned how to hit my 3 wood. It seems to have something to do with relaxing my shoulders, but that’s hard to do when I’m holding a water moccasin by the tail.

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