The More Things Change …..

A little over a year ago, I commented on the new fairway woods (metals, that is) Adams was advertising and how I never could trust a fairway wood. I have always been mystified by the people that filled their bag with those clubs, claiming they were easier to hit than irons. I’d read golf instruction columns and books that talk about how nicely a fairway wood sweeps the ball off the turf and how easy it is to get that ball airborne. Meanwhile, I burned every worm on the course.

I really do like this book. I'm just allergic to my 3 wood.

David Leadbetter has a nice picture of a fairway wood resting behind a ball and rhapsodizes about how “inviting” it looks and how it’s “great for your confidence.” When I hit a nice drive on a par 5 I just hope it isn’t long enough to “invite” me to try a fairway wood for the next shot. That’s confidence?

For a long time, the only reason I carried a three wood and a five wood was to provide a comfortable resting place for my right forearm as I carried my bag. My arm wasn’t comfortable if I had only a driver in my bag.

So, imagine my surprise when I heard people start to talk about how the three wood was the hardest club in the bag to hit. (I wish I could remember who said this. It was one of the big-time announcers a few months ago, but I was so stunned I was paralyzed and I didn’t write it down.) I also saw some discussion about how it was often better to hit driver instead of three wood because of the amount of technological improvement in drivers as compared to fairway woods.

So maybe that’s where the change in commentary is coming from? With all the improvements showing up in fairway woods it’s now OK to say they are hard to hit? Unless, of course, you go out and spend some large cash on a new one? I’m all for buying a better game; I’m just tapped out.

Alternatively, I’ll be happy to review any of those new fairway woods. All you manufacturers out there, just send me an email and I’ll arrange to give your baby a whirl. I can honestly say that my three wood is the worst club in my bag, so if your club helps my game I’ll sing its praises to the rafters. As it is, the only thing I’ve found to improve my three wood shots is a great lie.

I tell great lies about my second shots on par 5s.

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