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Dr. Seuss On Putting

Would you like to belly putt? Would you like to belly putt? Hold that stick against your gut? Swing it here and swing it there? Make that ball go anywhere? Or would you like the sweeper best? Lock that stick … Continue reading

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A Blot On My Career

“And what do you see here, Mr. Shanks? These blots weren’t made to look like anything in particular, there aren’t any right or wrong answers. Just give me your first impressions.” “It looks kinda like a golf hole, Doc. And … Continue reading

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Anchors Away?

I think I’ve noticed a subtle shift in the way the long putter debate is being framed. When the recent run of long putter wins began, including Adam Scott winning with the sweeper and Keegan Bradley winning with the belly … Continue reading

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How Hard Should It Be?

Phil Mickelson attracted attention saying that the course redesign at the Atlanta Athletic Club created a course that was good for the tournament but bad for the members. He particularly thought the course was too long for the average golfer. … Continue reading

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The Sand Crab Goes Long

It was a scorcher, and after a quick round in the slightly cool of the morning I wandered into the grill for an early lunch. I figured I was safe from the Sand Crab before noon, but I heard his … Continue reading

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I Think, Therefore I Can’t Putt

Watching the WGC Bridgestone Invitational, you get the impression that the secrets to good putting are (1) don’t think, and (2) use a long putter. It’s pretty hard to not notice that Adam Scott uses a sweeper and Keegan Bradley, … Continue reading

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