Take It Back To Where?

In between pepper-spraying sidewalk campers on Black Friday and buying unbelievably cheap golf clubs from Chinese websites on cyber Monday, I took a break and watched a little golf. All that was on at the time was a rerun of the American Century Classic, but I wasn’t picky. I just needed to stay inside until the screaming campers quit looking for me.

Tony Romo

Tony Romo. Image by Keith Allison via Flickr. Creative Commons Share Alike License.

So I’m sitting there, doing the crossword puzzle and keeping one eye on the tube, when Tony Romo hits a nice shot. This is quickly followed by a comment from Roger Maltbie (I think that’s who it was, but it really doesn’t matter much) about Romo’s nice “efficient” swing. It turns out Maltby means Romo has a short backswing, so things don’t have as much chance to go wrong on the way back.

What the hey?! I spend all my life trying to complete my backswing, trying to get it back there like Tom Watson has done forever, and now they tell me it’s a good thing to have a short backswing? That’s just wonderful.

At least I can save money on those yoga lessons. They were getting to be a drag.

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