Demon Possession On the Mayan Riviera

Apparently it’s not just us amateur golfers who have trouble with demon possession. In my Whac-A-Mole Golf post last week I mentioned those times when I know something is stupid but I just go ahead and do it anyway. The only explanation I’ve come up with is demon possession.

English: Robert Allenby teeing off at the 2004...

Robert Allenby. Image via Wikipedia

At the Mayakoba Golf Classic Robert Allenby was attacked by the same demons that haunt me. As a lot of you surely know, Allenby had a two stroke lead standing on the tee of the 72nd hole, blocked his drive to the right into the trees, and made double bogey to drop into a tie with John Huh. Allenby then went on to lose an eight hole playoff.

Allenby gave an interview while he was standing around waiting for the final group to finish so the playoff could begin. Imagine how hard that must have been. You’re feeling like crap after doubling the hole and then you’re answering questions about how you screwed up while you’re waiting to go back out to that same tee and try not to screw up again. I don’t know that I could have done that. (Allenby then went over and signed memorabilia for the fans. He should get some kind of award from the PGA for that.)

Allenby was remarkably forthcoming during his interview. What struck me was he said he knew he should hit 3 wood off that tee. He’d had trouble with driver in that type of situation before, knew 3 wood was the right club, but he still went ahead and hit driver. It sounded like demon possession to me, pure and simple.

I suppose I should be comforted to know that even a pro as experienced as Allenby suffers from the same decision making problems that I do. On the other hand, it’s also depressing to realize how hopeless overcoming those demons can be.

Onward through the fog, I guess. At least I only lose a few bucks when the demons get ahold of me.

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