The Best Laid Plans

Today was a sparkling, air cleared of pollen after the rains, spring day, a perfect day for a round of golf. The picture above is a shot of the 12th green at Scott Schreiner Golf Course in Kerrville, TX, where I played. You’re looking back at the 12th green from the 13th tee. The 12th fairway runs off to the left of the photo, so you approach the green from over the pond on the left edge of the picture.

The course is a well-maintained municipal track, one that I don’t play as much as I’d like. It’s about a 45 minute trip from my house, not much different from any course I play except for my home course. One unfortunate side effect of not playing Schreiner much is a lack of local knowledge, and it’s a course with a lot of elevation changes, forced lay-ups or carries, and some holes that I have to play a few more times before I can figure out the best approach.

After I figured out that I was swinging with all arms and shoulders and no lower body, I started hitting the ball pretty well. I’d been wondering why my drives were getting weaker and I was always pulling my shots, and maybe keeping my lower body in the game will help correct that. We’ll see. Things were definitely working better after I realized that I’d become lazy below the waist.

Of course, I still didn’t know where to hit it on some of those holes. I hit it where I wanted to. I just shouldn’t have wanted what I wanted.

I guess you really should be careful what you wish for.

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