Belting one down the fairway

A recent post over at The Armchair Golfer about the Hickok Belt reminded me of something I’ve wondered about. Can a belt help your golf game? I’ve always thought a belt didn’t do a lot more than hold up my pants, but I might be missing something here.

I was looking at the credits in the June Golf Digest (yeah, I’m one of those guys) and noticed that Phil Mickelson’s belt cost $2,050. Now I’m all for someone spending whatever they want on whatever they want as long as they have the cash. Phil certainly has the cash and gives a huge amount of it away to charitable causes. If he wants to wear a belt that costs the same as a Dave Ramsey Special used car, he has my blessing. But why?

I usually get my belts at Wal Mart, and I get one about every two to three years when the old one finally wears out. They cost me around $10.00 and are reversible. I wear the same belt most every day. I won’t claim that the belt makes a fashion statement, but people aren’t usually staring at my waist. (If they are, it’s not my belt that I check. I try to find a subtle way to check my zipper.) I figure I can have a lifetime supply of belts for less than that one belt of Phil’s.

I may splurge next time and go for a belt that costs $25.00 or so. I know I’ll never play like Phil, but maybe that extra $15.00 will shave a stroke or so off my handicap.

It turns out the Hickok Belt was alligator, just like Phil’s. So maybe there is a gator skin and sports performance link. Who knew?

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2 Responses to Belting one down the fairway

  1. Brian Kuehn says:

    Ha, ha ha … I don’t even want to get started on $$$ watches. We share the same frugal streak.

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