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Anchored Putting in Old Scotland

Tired of listening to today’s debate about anchoring, I had Sherman set the wayback machine to the mid 1400’s, just before James II banned “golfe.” If anyone could shed light on the true spirit of the game and the anchored … Continue reading

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A Quick Round in Delhi

If the powers that be really want to speed up play, they should talk with the marshals at the fictional Golden Greens Golf Course. According to The Case of the Missing Servant, by Tarquin Hall, the club is on the … Continue reading

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How many golfers can swing one club?

For the last several years I’ve played almost all of my golf at my home course. I enjoy playing different courses, but that isn’t how things have worked out recently. But last week I got a call from a guy … Continue reading

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In The Mood For Golf?

I’m always surprised by how much my mood affects my golf game. I’ve been in one of my extended funks for the last few months as I dealt with a flurry of life’s normal irritations, and I’ve been playing mediocre … Continue reading

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A Little Fun Ain’t All Bad

“Not one of us ever grows up to be what he intended to be. Not one of us fulfills his own expectations, Travis. We are all our own children, in that sense. At some point, somewhere, we have to stop … Continue reading

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To Golf Or Not To Golf

We’ve all been there. It’s a cold, windy day and you’ve got plenty of things to do that don’t involve freezing to death and trying to calculate wind speed and direction. On the other hand, you’ve got a standing game … Continue reading

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Old Tom Marbles

One of the Golf Now commercials featuring the Old Tom Morris character has Old Tom bragging about how many golf course choices he had. He proudly says he had 4 courses to choose from and they were “All within a … Continue reading

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Meet Meeester Streeeak

When I was an undergrad in 1967, my academic advisor gave me one of the worst pieces of advice I ever received. “Take Russian,” he said. “You’ll need it to read important scientific literature.” I never needed to read anything … Continue reading

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Hybrids Anonymous

In a commercial for Adams hybrids, Kenny Perry says, “I just can’t hit a 3 iron like I used to.” I’ve never come close to playing like Kenny Perry and he’s ten or so years younger than me, so I … Continue reading

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Back To Work

After a long time of wandering in the wilderness, I’m getting back to regular posting. My internet problems have been solved (knock on wood) by the belated arrival of a decent wireless signal at my property, and I’m far enough … Continue reading

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