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Take It Back To Where?

In between pepper-spraying sidewalk campers on Black Friday and buying unbelievably cheap golf clubs from Chinese websites on cyber Monday, I took a break and watched a little golf. All that was on at the time was a rerun of … Continue reading

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A Lot To Be Thankful For

My golf game has finally received the notoriety it deserves! I live in the country, and it’s dead quiet outside on this Thanksgiving morning. When I look out my window, all I see are a few deer, a bunch of … Continue reading

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Can I Yell “Fore” In A Crowded Theater?

During today’s sermon, my pastor took a detour into a discussion of the only part of golf in which he claims expertise. He admits to excellence at yelling fore, because he’s never hit the ball where he intended. He’s also … Continue reading

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Golf, Statistics, and The Meaning of Life

I once had a statistics professor who would begin his explanation of something by saying “Imagine an n-dimensional space.” I knew things were hopeless when he said that. I couldn’t imagine imagining an n-dimenional space, much less do it. However, … Continue reading

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There’s Rocks In Them There Hills

The recent AT&T Championship (Champions Tour) was won convincingly by a reinvigorated, relatively pain-free Freddie Couples on a brand spanking new golf course – the Canyons Course at the J.W. Marriott resort in San Antonio. It’s the same complex that … Continue reading

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Tee It Waaayyy Forward

I was making my semi-regular tour of the golf sections of my local book stores and found two interesting books. The first was a copy of Jimmy Roberts’ Breaking the Slump.┬áIt should make for interesting reading and might even be … Continue reading

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How To Make Golf More Popular

There’s been a lot of concern expressed recently about a drop in golf’s popularity. Apparently golf is too difficult and takes too long to play, so 12 hole rounds on courses with larger cups and shorter holes will bring ’em … Continue reading

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How The Lizard Got His Name

Once upon a time there was a group of five merry golfers. Games of skins and wolf under the bright Texas sun filled their hearts with joy, and cries that cannot be repeated in polite company echoed across the rough … Continue reading

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Throw Like A Pro With Grip Grease!

You’ve got that quacker into the trees down pat. You can banana with the best. But what separates your game from the pros? What keeps you on the munis while the big sticks get invited to play the exclusive clubs … Continue reading

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Go Patrick!

Seldom has the power of the internet been so dramatically on display! It was only two days ago, the opening day of the Travelers Championship, that this humble blogger cried “Go, Patrick!” in recognition of the courage amateur golfer Patrick … Continue reading

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